we say it, we mean it.
The Siemens Values film series.


Original locations, no casting, no rehearsals. The Siemens Core Value films rely on the natural radiance and brilliance of the people who have shaped the company and its values.
The quality of the directing as well as the interviewing work lay in creating an atmosphere that makes the counterpart forget about the camera. And due to their high credibility the films were a great success and are still seen as style-forming in the company today.


Kick-Off Film: “We say it, we mean it.”
Format: HD, 6:20 min, English
Target group: 450,000 employees worldwide
Script 12 episodes 5:00 to 6:00 min
Locations: Germany, UAE, China, Brazil, Chile, Russia, Italy, USA.
On behalf of: BM Communications GmbH and Pleon GmbH


Concept, script, director: Philine von Sell
Photography: Peter Krause D.O.P. , Peter Belcher
Music: Peter Hayo
Editor: Fritz Busse, Alan Rexroth
Executive Producer: Hans-Peter Birke-Malzer
Production: BM Communications GmbH

Episode: How can we live our values in the Unites Arab Emirates?

About a top talent in Dubai and the collaboration with the Royal University in Abu Dhabi.

Episode: How can we live our values embracing our heritage?

In conversation with Dr. Nathalie von Siemens.

Episode: How can we live our values in China?

On the way to the first paperless hospital in Hong Kong.