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The company, founded in 2011 by Philine von Sell, relies on a synergy of experienced specialists. All Fellows are distinguished by proven expertise, precision craftsmanship, industry knowledge and a strong personal commitment.

They are your direct contact in each department and ensure the swift and precise implementation of the various measures.


Philine von Sell


Philipp von Sell

Antonia N.

Tanja Wesner

Frank Paul

Daniel Petz, Junior Producer, Concept & Camera Works
Daniel Petz

Yizao Dai


“On the way to an excellent result, every detail counts.”

Philipp von Sell

As Creative Producer, Philipp von Sell looks after all Circe of Values projects and is responsible for both the quality of the individual production steps as well as the financing and cost-conscious management of the budgets. After training as a set designer at Rolf Zehetbauer and Götz Weidner (Bavaria), he studied at the Film Academy in New York City and initially worked as an author, screenwriter and production consultant. He conceived and organized film festivals and exhibitions, was founding coordinator of the postgraduate program for film at the Hamburg Media School and produced numerous television series and films for Aspekt-Telefilm and the UFA in the role of the executive producer. Since 2004, he and Philine von Sell have both produced major corporate film projects for companies and institutions as well as international art exhibitions and sophisticated publications.


Antonia N. is responsible for graphic design. After studying at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, as part of a group of artists she was involved in various projects at home and abroad before settling in Berlin independently with her graphic design studio. Her work has strongly influenced the look and feel of the International Film Festival in Berlin in the first decade of festival director Dieter Kosslick. The long experience with cultural institutions such as the cultural events of the German Federation in Berlin, the University of Television and Film in Munich, and the collaboration with renowned clients such as Deutsche Bahn or Bertelsmann characterize her sensitivity for tailor-made solutions, which express the company’s values and identity across various media.


“The reason I’m a copy writer? Because I like to make a statement.”

Tanja Wesner

Tanja Wesner is responsible for the areas texts, concept and copy editing. Writing has always been a passion of hers, but her background is a bit different: after an apprenticeship as a legal and notary assistant and many years as a bank’s board secretary, she became a copy writing trainee and later a full on copy writer and conceptualist for the German agency Stiehl/Over (Osnabrück) in the areas classic advertising, online marketing and PR.

Since 2012, she’s been working as a freelance copy writer for various advertising agencies and medium size companies, but also for smaller customers like local kindergartens or church communities. This diversity gives her a broad perspective and influences every topic she works on. Her main areas of activity are the creation of new, but also the copy editing of existing texts. Tanja likes to play around with words and skilfully manages to always be on point, while also enjoying the development of clear structures.


Within the Circle of Values Paul Frank is responsible for the development, implementation and support of corporate websites and other digital activities. After training as an industrial photographer and studying Media Art and Design in Berlin, since 1993, he has been advising and supporting mainly cultural institutions and artists with their online presences. His clients include Amnesty International, the 100% renewable Foundation, the BKP, the DAAD and the House of World Cultures.

For 2 years, Frank Paul taught as a visiting professor for Information Design at the University of Duisburg-Essen and was artist in residence in Vienna quartier21/MQ in 2011.


“Bridging differences, finding common ground and appreciating the uniqueness of each – that’s what I call multicultural intelligence.”

Yizao Day

Yizao Day lives in Shanghai and represents Circle of Values in China. As a Cross-Cultural Manager she wants to initiate a dialogue between Chinese and European enterprises and assist both parties in a meaningful and target-oriented communication. Yizao Day received her MBA with a specialisation in Strategic Management in Lyon, and subsequently worked in France, Germany and Shanghai, China in the marketing, public relations, film and communications sectors – among others for major companies such as Siemens AG and Bertelsmann Direct Media Group.

Junior Producer, Concept & Camera Works

„Es ist mir wichtig, nicht zu blenden, sondern die Dinge so zu sehen und zu zeigen, wie sie sind – um dann die positiven Aspekte rauszuholen.“
Daniel Petz

Daniel Petz verstärkt als Junior Fellow unser Circle-Team. Die Produzentenrolle hat er bereits hervorragend übernommen – als einer von Philine von Sells Studenten aus der Bosch-Meisterklasse der MHMK München. Der angehende Kameramann und gute Konzeptioner bringt aber noch eine weitere Kompetenz mit: Als Sohn der Inhaber eines Reisebüros und Busunternehmens in der dritten Generation kennt er das Touristikgeschäft von Kindesbeinen an und hat als ausgebildeter Reiseverkehrskaufmann viel Erfahrung mit der Planung und Begleitung von großen Reisen im In- und Ausland gesammelt.

Seine weltoffene und neugierige Art kommt also nicht von ungefähr und ist die perfekte Grundlage, um einen gelungenen Film zu konzipieren und zu produzieren. Im kommenden Jahr wird er sein Studium Film und Fernsehen, Schwerpunkt Kamera, mit der Realisierung eines Dokumentarfilmprojekts abschließen. Schon jetzt ist Daniel Petz für uns eine tolle Bereicherung – nicht nur, wenn es um touristische Themen geht.

Photos: Angela Farah, Frank Paul, Katrin Schneider, Philine von Sell